Concise CSS, a framework written in SASS that’s lightweight and easy-to-use.

Current version: 3.4.0


Concise CSS is a framework written in SASS carefully crafted by Keenan Payne and James Kolce, it provides all the basics without the bloat.


No unnecessary styles are added so you can spend more time building and less time overriding.


Do you need more components? You can easily extend the framework by using our pre-built add-ons.

Easy to use

Concise has a small learning curve; the simplicity of the styles helps to get started faster.

Written in SASS

The most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS pre-processor in the world.

Easy to update

Simply replace the core files to update, your custom styles will be safe and sound.

Dedicated support

Do you need help with your project? Contact us and we’ll help you to solve your problems with Concise.