A better front-end framework.

Give up the bloat. Stop tripping over your classes. Be Concise.

v2.1.0 — 25kb

Lean, mean and clean.

Give up the bloat. Accomplish more with less. Welcome to Concise.

Perfect for all Devices

Perfect for all Devices

Concise is built from the ground up for mobile devices. This means it will look great on all devices.



Concise includes support for Vanilla CSS, as well as SASS. There are currently unsupported LESS and Stylus versions of the framework.

Lots of Components

Highly Expandable

Concise includes great base styling, as well as many add-ons that make it highly expandable.

Who uses it?

There are some truly beautiful websites that have been created with Concise.

Heard enough already?

Just give Concise a try, we think you'll like it.